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Skillful Futures

Down Under

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Sam's free-spirited nature leads her to Australia and anywhere else that smelled of adventure.  Her lust for life often led her down rabbit holes, discovering the places where her fears lived.  To create balance, she builds her life around American expats who become her family. Extravagant parties, intimate gatherings and the intrigues of the rich and famous, she finds herself wrapped in a love triangle torn between two suitors-a stalwart Aussie teacher who shares his enthusiasm of the Outback, and a wild Texan with a colorful past who unleashes her passion.  Her quest for change now has her head spinning by the depth of choice.  Who will Sam choose? 

Pivot Project

A compilation of personal tales from all walks of life, The Pivot Project takes the reader on a journey of with ten new authors, each with their own chapter, through their inspired stories of perseverance, courage, and finding happiness. From navigating a new life to letting go of a loved one, the authors share their deepest feelings of loss and personal triumph.

While some stories will make you laugh, others will shock you. Some recollections may bring you to tears…tears of sorrow, tears of understanding, and tears of joy. Our hope is that you, the reader, will connect with authors’ stories, and that you will come to find that in this world, you are not alone.

We all endure life’s changes, and while certain changes have a greater impact on us than others, nearly everyone can relate to shifts in life that cause us to pause and embrace time to reflect, reminisce, and remember that we together, we are one.

Contributing authors: Aericka Hawkins, Diana Cavagnaro, Georgia Faye, Gregg Gonzales, Jane Hinshaw, Janene Russeau, Jedediah Joseph Crouch, Joan McConville, Kelly Palmer, and Lisa Waugh. 

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A Path to Purpose 
Seven Inspired Stories to Discover Your True North

When was the last time you really thought about your life; what you do for work, your passions, your family, and the people you connect with? Our lives are not just to be lived day in and day out, doing the same thing over and over.

Life is meant to be joyful, regardless of how we were raised, obstacles that we’ve overcome, or difficulties that we’ve faced in spite of our fear. When you discover your True North, life begins to make sense. Personal growth, spirituality, and healing old wounds become important to finding A Path to Purpose.

Journey along with seven inspired stories of everyday people with extraordinary insight into their lives while discovering their own True North.

Contributing Authors: Georgia Faye, Esthela Nunez Franco, Debra Zachau, Kirby Monestime, Shara French, Susie Brown and Joan McConville.

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