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Phyllis T Morgan

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“As we follow Sam on her adventurous heart wrenching journey we are swept away in an emotional wave. An inspired and thought provoking novel that kept me cheering for Sam from first page to last."

Betty Sproule (teacher, librarian)

Down Under is a riveting tale that takes the reader through the Outback of Australia while making the journey of a life time (both real and metaphorical) come to life. Anyone who has known the joys of love and friendship as well as the pain of betrayal and heartache will instantly relate. Faye raises philosophical questions we have all grappled with at one time or another.  Down Under is a must read book for book clubs and just anyone who wants to curl up with a good story.

Jo Ann Manse (college professor, and copy editor)

Dreams turn into adventure in Georgia Faye’s novel. Traveling to Australia during a teacher shortage in the seventies Sam realizes she is not here just to teach but learn about life, love and friendship.From the classroom to the Outback and beyond it’s a must read story for anyone whose dreamed of spreading their wings to fly.

~ Beth Conard (special education teacher)

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