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Meet the Author

Georgia Faye is a New Jersey native, who flew off to travel the world and find herself in 1975.  She answered an ad advertising a teaching job in Sydney, Australia, which was experiencing a severe teacher shortage. She lived in Sydney for 8 years.

Georgia has lived in the San Diego area for over thirty years.  She currently lives on a forty-year old motor yacht.  Her career in education for her last twenty-five years led her to be recognized for many major awards for community and global development including: Zero Waste programs, STEM school development, innovative farm to table programs, and two Distinguished School Awards, which ultimately earned her the title of Principal of the Year for Southern California.

            She is the proud mother of two beautiful sons and now six beautiful grandchildren.  Georgia continues to pursue an adventurous life traveling the world and volunteering for International Volunteer programs in such places as Europe, Croatia, Greece, and West Kenya. Her love of chess is often referred to in her writing.

            Although Georgia has been writing for years she finished the novel “Down Under” after being published in an anthology “The Pivot Project” during the Pandemic.  Her chapter “Navigating Happiness” was selected to be the first chapter.  She is a member of the San Diego Writers and Editors Guild, The Writer Digest Guild, The Wild Atlantic Writers Association, The Author’s Guild, and The Romance Writers Guild of America. 

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